Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Foamiran Poinsettia Step-Out Tutorial


Today I am showing you how I made my poinsettias in an easy step by step tutorial... hers's my card which I used white foamiran and green stamens instead but techniques are the same , you can find these gorgeous products in Shawn's store you must check out the new stock of stamens and berries too! They are to die for 😋

Cut 2 of the larger template and 1 of the small template. You can use the Whimsy Stamps Poinsettia Die but at the moment in time I haven’t got them. If you have any poinsettia dies, you can do the same 

Use a craft iron or normal iron and mine is on Cotton setting, each iron may varies so it’s best to test it first. The petal will curl, then I do a concertina fold and roll it between my fingers

Continue to do this to all the petals and they will look like this 

Then I gently unfold the petal only on the wider part and use a ball tool on a sponge and press until it looks like this 

Do this to all the petals like the picture below

Put a drop of hot glue to the centre - domed petals up - and off-set the next petals on top and the same to the smaller petals.

Use a 5mm ball tool or a wooden stick and press down on a sponge

Then I used a pokey tool to make a hold in the centre for the stamens 

I used about 10 double-head stamens and pushed them through 

I put hot glue on the back side of stamens to secure them and trimmed off the excess stalk. You can have your poinsettia as it is. I made mine shabby by adding some glitter paint but it’s optional, it’s my style 😊 

Hope you like them and give it a try .
For more details on my card above please visit my blog -

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